Building up a Collaborative Ecosystem that is Inclusive and Innovation-driven

Our programs and activities focus on connecting startups, scaleups, and corporates to enhance the growth of all parties involved and bring new value through innovation.

The Lighthouse

Lighthouses serve as navigational aid and preserve safety on the sea. The lighthouse light is a concentrated beam of a very bright light called a beacon. This beam of light can travel very long distance and is used by sailors to help guide their ship at night. Regardless of its location, the purpose of a lighthouse is always the same; to warn ships of danger and guide them safely on their journey.

As a lighthouse seeks out sailors in the night, we made Innovation Lighthouse Japan be a place of encouragement and serve as a guide and focus to find the best solutions to the challenges of our society. ILJ's purpose is to illuminate the path for innovations and guide clients to success and meaningful business partnerships. 

ILJ helps startups to navigate, tie up new partnerships, explore business opportunities and capture new demands on the market. We are determined to bring empowerment, transformation, support and guidance to our clients.

Innovation Lighthouse Japan offers guidance and serves as a navigational aid to create meaningful collaboration between the most promising projects and leading entrepreneurs, executives and organizations.

Our clients

Clients appoint us because of our deep specialism in the European and Japanese market and our unique multidisciplinary approach.

Our clients are organizations of all sizes - startups, scaleups, corporations, government organizations, NPOs and investors.


ILJ offers various support services for start-ups in the form of acceleration growth programs, lectures and international networking events.

Our international networking events gather relevant start-ups and leading innovation eco-system players such as innovation hubs, technology parks, business angel networks, business support agencies and others.


We serve corporations with in-depth analysis of tech, business trends, VC, startup networks in Central Europe, the Adriatic and Ionian region. ILJ helps corporations to scout compatible startups with the desired business model and identify current and rising innovation stars.


We work side-by-side with clients to identify new opportunities, build lasting collaborations and help them bring the desired transformation.  

Governments and NGOs

ILJ provides various consulting services, matchmaking events for public and private organizations, and helps governments build innovative communities.

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