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About Us

Innovation Lighthouse Japan (ILJ) is a community-based consultancy established in Tokyo to foster and promote collaboration and innovation between Japanese companies and startups, scaleups, research institutes and academia originating from the Baltics, Central Europe, the Adriatic, Ionian region, Southeastern Europe and the Middle East.

We help Japanese corporations to foster growth and catalyze change by revealing untapped creative and innovation potential from Europe and the Middle East.


Building up a Collaborative Ecosystem that is Inclusive and Innovation-driven

Our programs and activities focus on connecting startups, scaleups, academia, research centres with Japanese corporates to enhance the growth of all parties involved and bring new value through innovation. In order to accelerate innovation, we are building an inclusive and collaborative network of innovators and partners.


Forward-thinking and Human-centred

At Innovation Lighthouse Japan, we are driven to create positive solutions, collaboration and idea-sharing to empower our community and create the next generation of innovation leaders to be at the forefront of the innovation movement in Japan.

We work on empowering entrepreneurs and Japanese organizations to foster innovation and encourage an open learning-focused mindset through international cooperation.


The Power of the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Innovation Lighthouse Japan supports cross-border activities and brings together Japanese corporate leaders and the most promising enterprises and innovation centres to provide solutions to the biggest challenges faced by society.


Ocean of Creativity and Endless Possibilities

We believe that great ideas and solutions are born across the globe.ILJ is determined to connect the most innovative and impact making ventures with Japanese corporations. 

About Innovation Lighthouse Japan



At Innovation Lighthouse Japan,
we are convinced that the key to a successful organization is the ability to go beyond the existing possibilities.

Lighthouses serve as a navigational aid and preserve safety on the sea. The lighthouse light is a concentrated beam of a very bright light called a beacon. This beam of light can travel very long distances and is used by sailors to help guide their ships at night. Regardless of its location, the purpose of a lighthouse is always the same; to warn ships of danger and guide them safely on their journey.

As a lighthouse seeks out sailors in the night, we made Innovation Lighthouse Japan be a place of encouragement and serve as a guide and focus to find the best solutions to the challenges of our society. ILJ's purpose is to illuminate the path for innovations and guide clients to success and meaningful business partnerships.

ILJ helps Japanese corporations to navigate, tie up new partnerships, explore business opportunities and capture new demands on the market. We are determined to bring empowerment, transformation, support and guidance to our clients.

Innovation Lighthouse Japan offers guidance and serves as a navigational aid to create meaningful collaboration between the most promising projects and leading entrepreneurs, executives and organizations.

Our Vision

Japan as a global innovation lighthouse - a leading knowledge and innovation society.

Our Mission

Accelerating business transformation for leading Japanese corporations through innovation. Our mission is to promote collaboration programs and create new value through innovation that will eliminate regional, gender, language gaps and create a sustainable Japanese innovation ecosystem.

Our Value

Our company culture is about making a social impact and creating a better future for our society. We strive for building a human-centred society based on long-lasting relationships, integrity, constant progression, and loyalty. Innovation Lighthouse Japan is dedicated to supporting the local community and embracing sustainability.


Our Clients

ILJ offers various support services for start-ups in the form of mentoring, acceleration growth programs, lectures and international networking events.

Our international networking events gather relevant start-ups and leading innovation eco-system players such as innovation hubs, technology parks, business support agencies and others.

We serve corporations with in-depth analysis of tech, business trends, VC, startup networks in the Baltics, Central Europe, the Adriatic and Ionian region, Southeastern Europe and the Middle East. ILJ helps Japanese corporations to scout compatible technologies and identify current and rising innovation stars.

We work side-by-side with clients to identify new opportunities, build lasting collaborations and help them bring the desired transformation.We are determined to help Japanese companies to catalyze transformation and reshape industries on a local and global scale.

Innovation Lighthouse Japan offers Key Support for Japanese Corporations for:
Research Collaboration and Alliances
In-licensing, Out-licensing
Strategic Partnerships

Governments and NGOs

ILJ provides various consulting services, matchmaking events for public and private organizations, and helps governments build innovative communities.


​Introducton of CEO

Passionate to pull out all stops to revive Japanese innovation culture


Ivana Ohbayashi

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Ivana began her career in Europe, Croatia, gaining unparalleled experience in the manufacturing and industrial production space, while also establishing herself as a respected entrepreneur and woman leader.
She possesses a unique blend of passion for cutting-edge technologies and business. In 2021 she founded Innovation Lighthouse Japan, a  boutique consultancy in Tokyo to foster and promote innovation between Japanese companies and startups, scaleups, SMEs, academia and research institutions originating from the Baltics, Central Europe, Southeastern Europe and the Middle East. Besides offering consulting service at Innovation Lighthouse Japan, Ivana also works for Nissan Motor Corporation.

Ivana graduated with a Master's degree in International Relations from Waseda University, Japan, and is proud to call Tokyo her home. 

Her specialities

International Business Development
Strategy Consulting
Business Matching (B2B)
Open Innovation
Project Management
Intercultural and Cross-cultural Communication
Soft Diplomatic Skills and Negotiations
EU-Japan Business Cooperation
Coaching and Mentoring


Company information

Company Name

Innovation Lighthouse Japan LLC

Establishment date



Ivana Ohbayashi

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