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[Sponsored by Embassy of Croatia] 1st Healthcare Online Seminar “The forefront of personalized me...

Sponsored by the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Japan

Innovation Lighthouse Japan 1st Healthcare Online Seminar

Title: “The forefront of personalized medicine and health tech in Croatia”

In this seminar, we will invite Dr. Duragan, who is active on the front lines of clinical practice and is leading the national project, to introduce "personalized medicine initiatives" and "case studies of health tech utilization" in Croatia. Masu. Please use this as an opportunity to learn about challenges being put into practice in Croatia through examples of co-creation with startups from Mayo Clinic.

We look forward to your participation.

Date and time: Tuesday, January 18, 2022 15:00-16:00

Location: Online (Zoom)

Speaker: Dr. Duragan Primorac, Chairman of the Board of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital

Innovation Lighthouse Japan LLC Representative Ivana Obayashi

Participation fee: Free

How to participate: Please register in advance by clicking the "Apply for Ticket" button.

Main target audience: Persons in charge of new businesses, business development, DX, etc. of healthcare-related companies

Sponsor: Innovation Lighthouse Japan LLC

Sponsored by: Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Japan

Program (planned)

1) Opening Remarks

2) Welcome Message Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Japan Ambassador Dražen Hrastic

3) Introduction of business contents Innovation Lighthouse Japan Representative Ivana Obayashi

4) Keynote speech Dr. Duragan Primorac, Chairman of the Board of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital

5) Panel discussion

6) Closing Remarks


Dr. Duragan Primorac, Chairman of the Board of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital

Doctor of Medicine, former Croatian Minister of Science, Education and Sports (2003-2009)

Specializing in forensic medicine and genetic medicine, he has written more than 250 papers to date, which have been published in Nature and Science. More than 5,000 references.

In recent years, he has become known as a pioneer in clinical personalized medicine practice, and is leading the 7.6 million euro EU FP7 project (omics analysis) in Croatia.

Obtained medical license from the University of Split and obtained doctoral degree from the University of Connecticut

Pennsylvania State University Professor, Global Ambassador / American Academy of Forensic Sciences International Relations Council Chair


Innovation Lighthouse Japan LLC Founder & CEO Ivana Obayashi

Started her career as a female entrepreneur in the European manufacturing industry. Engage in innovation in the manufacturing industry by incorporating new technology. After that, he worked as a business development director at a Japanese AI startup company. Innovation Lighthouse Japan LLC was established in May 2021. We support open innovation by emerging startups and Japanese companies in the Adriatic-Ionian region of Central Europe, centering on Croatia.

Obtained a master's degree in international relations from Waseda University.

Innovation Lighthouse Japan is a community-based company established in Japan to promote innovation between startups and Japanese companies based in Central Europe and the Adriatic/Ionian region.

We support the creation of new chemical reactions between Japan and Europe by highlighting and supporting innovative companies hidden in undeveloped regions of Europe. ILJ not only proposes optimal startup partners to Japanese companies individually, but also provides points of contact with new innovators through various events such as pitches and business matching.


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