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[Sponsored by the Croatian Embassy] Closer to the Croatian startup ecosystem! “Can RPA build the ...

Sponsored by the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Japan

Innovation Lighthouse Japan 1st Online Seminar

Title: “Can RPA build the next generation business environment?”

~Discussion with overseas examples in finance, insurance, automobiles, retail, public institutions, etc.~

Date and time: Tuesday, December 7, 2021 15:00-16:00

Location: Online (Zoom)

Speaker:・ROBOTIQ.AI Co-founder Marco Gudelyu

・Innovation Lighthouse Japan LLC Founder Ivana Obayashi

Participation fee: Free

How to participate: Please pre-register using the "Apply for Ticket" button.

Sponsor: Innovation Lighthouse Japan LLC

Sponsored by: Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Japan

ROBOTIQ.AIisRPA (Robotic Process Automation)We provide a platform that realizes business process automation using software. Machine learning using AI not only improves process efficiency and automation, but also provides insights for building more sophisticated operations. ROBOTIQ.AI provides services on three continents, including Croatia, South Africa, Austria, and Serbia, and has a track record of serving customers in the automobile, banking, insurance, retail, and public sector sectors.

Innovation Lighthouse Japan is a collaboration between startups and Japanese companies based in Central Europe and the Adriatic/Ionian region. A community-based company founded in Japan to promote innovation.

We shine a light on and support innovative companies in Europe's underdeveloped regions, sparking new chemical reactions between Japan and Europe. We will help you create it. ILJ not only proposes optimal startup partners to Japanese companies individually, but also provides points of contact with new innovators through various events such as pitches and business matching.

ROBOTIQ.AI Co-founder < strong>Marco Gudelyu

For over 16 years, he has gained experience as an IT consultant on the global stage, specializing in business process management. He has been in his current position since 2020 after working at Siemens, IDS Scheer, Software AG, and Procesna Inteligencija.

Graduated a master's degree in computer science and a master's degree in economics from the University of Split.

・Innovation Lighthouse Japan LLC Founder Ivana Obayashi

Started her career as a female entrepreneur in the European manufacturing industry. Engage in innovation in the manufacturing industry by incorporating new technology. After that, he worked as a business development director at a Japanese AI startup company. Innovation Lighthouse Japan LLC was established in May 2021. We support open innovation by emerging startups and Japanese companies in the Adriatic-Ionian region of Central Europe, centering on Croatia.

Graduated a master's degree in international relations from Waseda University.


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